• Reimagining the future of pet
  • science for the next generation of
  • pets and their people.

Reimagining the future of pet science for the next generation of pets and their people.


Pet Science

We’re officially living in the future. Science makes life-changing progress each day. Life-changing for us humans, that is. But what about our pets? Shouldn’t progress be for everyone?

Our pets deserve better, longer, healthier lives. Tail-waggingly happy and purr-worthy throughout. So that’s what we’re here to do. To push the science of petcare forward, restlessly, relentlessly. Building on what we have today, driven by what’s possible tomorrow. So that each new generation of pets lives longer, and lives better. Reimagining pet science, for the next generation of pets.

Our Brands

Here at NOOD™, we lay it all out bare. What’s in our food, as well as what’s not. Launched in 2019, Rhodes Pet Science’s first brand is now available in 11 markets globally in over 5,000 stores. Our recipes always use high quality proteins and are packed with superfoods and probiotics - bringing tasty and better-for-you dinners to pets around the world. Because when you’re this good inside and out, it’s natural to be NOOD™.

Let’s get NOOD™.


Why do pets make our lives better? Because they are absolutely bonkers. Four-legged oddballs. Waggin’ weird and wonderful. So we created treats that celebrate just that. Whiffy good snacky snacks for cats and dogs, carefully crafted to drive your pet bonkers. Launched in 2022 and now one of the best selling treats brands in the US and UK, we are on a mission to supercharge the heart feels between pets and their people. We celebrate all that’s weird and wacky about our furry friends, and believe everything in life is better when you add a touch of bonkers.

Better when it’s BONKERS™.


The Good Life.

Life is good at Goodlands™ , where we’re devoted to making delicious natural food with care and responsibility. Good beyond the bowl, our recipes are packed with sustainably sourced nutrition and are crafted locally, right here in the USA.

Every ingredient has been carefully considered and thoughtfully added, ensuring 100% traceability through our innovative Smart Trace™ technology, allowing you to trace every single bite back to its source.


Smart Box™ is a natural health monitoring cat litter that uses innovative Healthmark™ Technology to change color if abnormalities are detected in your cat’s urine.

Smart Box™ delivers an affordable, lightweight clumping litter that is 99.9% dust-free, low-tracking, and provides up to 30 days of odor control. Derived from corn, our litter pellets are flushable, providing a more sustainable alternative to crystal litters without compromising on performance.

See what they can’t say.

Smart Box™

Introducing our revolutionary lightweight litter. No mess, no stink, no fuss. A natural, sustainable, clumping litter that absorbs 3x more than clay. Superior cat litter for superior cats—this cat litter is the Business.

As everyone knows, you can never really own a cat. That’s just not how it works. You’re not the boss here: your cat is. Cats were worshipped in Ancient Egypt, and they never forgot it. Business Litter™ pleases the boss greatly. Well done, human. You’ve finally got something right.

Please the boss.

Business Litter™